Where your development is central

What do we stand for?

At JobPoint, it's all about the perfect match between employee and employer. We help you as an employee bring out the best in yourself through training and coaching, and we assist you as an employer in achieving your objectives with the help of the best candidates.

From our branches in Rijswijk and Rotterdam, our team of specialists always provides a suitable solution that aligns with the desires and ambitions of both client and candidate.

Mission and Vision

As an employee or employer, you have ambitions in life. Ambitions provide drive, and that's why we recognize your ambitions like no one else. JobPoint was born from the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy going to their job. Achieving this ambition can only be realized by finding the perfect job for the right person. To add value for employers, JobPoint places great importance on the development of future employees with respect for humanity.

Our Services

JobPoint provides a platform used daily by hundreds of people. We offer customized solutions that cater to your needs as an employee, as well as your needs as an employer. From temporary secondment to a permanent position. The perfect match between employee and employer starts at JobPoint. Discover how we can assist you.

  • Secondment
  • Staffing and Flexwork
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Payroll

The right sector, the right match

Since 2006, JobPoint has been the staffing agency that connects the right people to the right companies. We do this across a variety of fields. Every day, we match our talents with companies in areas such as the healthcare sector, as well as the food sector and other industries. Interested in working in one of our fields? Quickly check out the available job openings by field.


NBBU: The NBBU believes in the importance of a flexible labor market. Therefore, it assists providers in the broad flexible market to be good employers for temporary workers and an attractive provider of temporary staff for clients.

NEN 4400-1: The norm NEN 4400-1 contains criteria for evaluating companies that provide personnel, such as staffing agencies, payroll companies, and subcontractors in construction. It assesses whether these companies meet all obligations arising from their business activity, the provision of labor.