A Revolutionary Approach

At JobPoint, your development takes center stage, and we firmly believe that everyone deserves a fair opportunity for employment. With this in mind, we are excited to introduce Open Hiring, a revolutionary approach that turns the traditional job application process on its head. Open Hiring provides opportunities to anyone willing and capable of working, regardless of their background or experience.

The Principles of Open Hiring

Open Hiring revolves around three principles: it works better without biases, we trust each other, and growth happens together. These principles align seamlessly with our vision, where we strive to create a work environment that meets the ambitions and desires of both employees and employers. At JobPoint, we understand that your ambitions drive you, and we respect that by creating opportunities through Open Hiring.

Benefits of Open Hiring for Your Company

Open Hiring offers companies a range of benefits. Apart from addressing labor shortages, it enhances a company's social footprint and provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional recruitment processes. Open Hiring also promotes an inclusive, open company culture, has a positive impact on the local community, and fosters a direct connection with that community.

By adopting Open Hiring, companies can expand their social footprint. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate social responsibility by being inclusive and offering chances to individuals who might otherwise be overlooked.

  • Addressing Labor Shortages Across All Sectors

    Open Hiring is an effective way to address labor shortages. Because the process provides everyone with an opportunity to work, it can reach a larger pool of potential employees compared to traditional recruitment methods.

  • Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Application Processes

    Open Hiring can serve as a cost-effective alternative to traditional application procedures. It eliminates the process of sifting through resumes and conducting job interviews, saving both time and money.

  • Promotion of an Inclusive, Open Company Culture

    Open Hiring can contribute to promoting an inclusive, open company culture. By giving everyone a chance, regardless of their background or experience, the company demonstrates its commitment to equality and inclusivity.


The Rules of Open Hiring

The Open Hiring process follows eight rules. These include opening the door to everyone, not asking questions, welcoming every new employee with open arms, following the correct sequence in offering jobs, providing a regular contract, treating everyone equally, paying attention to everyone, and offering a development perspective. At JobPoint, we believe that these rules contribute to building strong teams, promoting employee development, and ultimately leading to the perfect match between employees and employers.